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Dashboard sharing

How do we set up dashboard groups?

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Mixpanel widget reporting on an event attribute

Is there a way to report on an attribute from the event - e.g. show the usage trend by browser; show a list of the most used URLs with their count? It's easy to do in MixPanel but can't see how to do ...

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Email dashboard snapshot time stamp

I did a practice email snapshot to my email account. The dashboard came out fine, but at the bottom of the snapshot the time stamp is 8hrs ahead of my location. Can this be changed to fit local time zone?

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Refresh rate

What is the refresh rate for the data in the dashboards ? I've been doing some testing. If you create the same widget (same data coming from same source ex.: Facebook likes) the newest widget will be ac...

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Hello, How do I access my dashboards on my Android and on my iPhone mobile phones? Thank you, Luidi

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Rotating Screens

I was wondering if it was possible to have three separate screens, rotating - showing opportunities, then projects, then product - bit like a flight tracker on flights?

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Download dashboard to PPT

Is it possible to download or embed a Leftronic dashboard within a Powerpoint?

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Adwords Real Time

Hi, I am wonding if your dashboard provides real time google adwords data? i am testing geckoboard at present and they only provide data up until yesterday Regards

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Instagram as integrated service?

Hi, Is there any plans in the future of adding Instagram as an integrated service? Instagram is a big part of many businesses' social media platform, so that would be a great addition. Thanks, Patr...

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Question about Pie Charts

I was wondering if you could build a pie chart and have the data you fill each piece with pull from a leftronic widget. I ask because I have some complicated Salesforce Queries for getting campaign member data ...

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