Auto Cycling

My dashboard slides are not automatically advancing although the settings seem to be correct. (dashboard auto cycling is enabled and set to 10 secs).

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Hi i have a twitter dashboard set up - how often will the data refresh as mine appears to be static.... thanks, Nick

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date range

Is it possible to view the data in specific date ranges? For example- this month vs last 30 days?

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Google Spreadsheets Refresh Rate

Hey Leftronic Team, I understand that you ping Google Spreadsheets every 5 minute to refresh the data. Is it possible to have faster timeframe?

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Viglink Integration

How would I go about integrating Viglink revenue as a data set? I'm sold as a customer if we can figure this out.

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Stacked line graphs?

With Custom Data is it possible to get a stacked line graph? Like this style: http://www.improving-visualisation.org/img_uploads/2009-02-25_Wed/thumb_large/_ltn_200922516496.jpg I have stats from 5 servers o...

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