Smart View & Query Count Detail

As an expansion of the Smart View & Query Count widget we have also added a “Smart View & Query Count Detail” widget. This more sophisticated widget will not only allow you to choose any Smart View or enter a query, it will also allow you to define a time range for the query (presented in a “Time Range” drop down within widget settings). This is most useful if you are tracking these counts overtime via our linegraph or a sparkline visualizations.


You can also condense that time range into individual data point in a line graph (ie. a 2 week time range means each data point represents 2 weeks) — simply check the “One Point per Period” box. Because data is stored in UTC, please remember to select your local time zone so we can convert it for you; this will also ensure that the selected time range reflects your local time zone as well.



PLEASE NOTE: in order for the Count Detail time range to function properly, you’ll need to add a special string to your pre-existing Smart View query, or the new query you’ve written within your AppInsight widget. Please ensure that LEFTRONIC_PERIOD_START and LEFTRONIC_PERIOD_END have been added for any date-related search boundaries within the query. For instance, in the screenshot below, we’ve replaced the date boundaries for “created” with these strings.




If entered properly from within, the query should return the same value as before this string was included. See screenshots below.




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