RSS: connecting to a feed

RSS feeds are how you keep up with your favorite blog posts, news, and even Google searches. Now you can track your RSS feed in AppInsights.

You will need:
A AppInsights account
The RSS feed URL

1. To get started, log into AppInsights. 

2. In the Data Sources section, click ‘RSS’.

Data source RSS feed 1

3. Choose the ‘RSS Feed’ metric.

Data source RSS feed 2

4. When the widget is created, click the ‘Edit’ wrench icon, and enter the link to your RSS feed. In this example, we added the RSS feed for the NYtimes- 

Data source RSS feed 3

If your feed requires a username and password, just enter them in the appropriate fields, otherwise leave them blank. Your end result should look something like this:

Data source RSS feed 4

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